Leg fingers horoscope

Moles on Fingers

When these main lines are deep, clear and have no interruptions, it is a sure sign of a good smooth life. All secondary lines branching off these main lines are good when they run upwards and bad when they face downwards. In addition, there are three lines which appear to move vertically up the palm, and these are referred to as the Jade Pillar , which governs career luck and fortunes at work.

The first vertical line is referred to as the fate line. If this line is long and ends with an auspicious marking such as a star or a trident, the indication is that the person will have fabulous success.

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The second vertical line is referred to as the Six Elegance , and this line brings six fabulous successes which include wealth, good name; family happiness; high rank; good descendants and high spiritual attainments. This line is referred to as the Sun line and not everyone has this on their palms. Those who do, and when the line is long and uninterrupted by circles or islands, and ends in a star, a square or a trident, will enjoy all six types of good fortune.

Finally, the third vertical line is the Health line. Its appearance on the palm indicates ill health.

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It is better if there is no such line on the palm. The appearance of lines and markings can also be studied according to the Later Heaven Arrangement of the eight trigrams on the Pa Kua, also known as the Yang Pa Kua. To help in the reading, the Pa Kua can be superimposed onto the palm of the hand.

This is indicated by the governing trigram in the different parts of the hand. In the center is the courtyard , or ming tang. When this part of the palm appears weak or shows a deathly blue or black colour, it is a sure sign of impending accident or even death. The center of the palm should always look bright and healthy, and it should look like a prosperous valley surrounded by hills created by the mounts of the outside eight trigrams. If it is indented or shows a bony appearance, the life indicated is full of difficulties. The trigrams Sun, Li and Kun are the happiness trigrams, and good markings in any of these trigrams indicate great good fortune.

In the part of the palm where there is the Trigram Sun , stars, tridents and upward moving lines mean prosperity luck is sure to be strong. Squares mean that your assets and wealth are protected. Negative markings here indicate loss of wealth and incomes. Thus a cross or an island here indicates problems related to money.

In the place of the Trigram Li , good markings mean you will enjoy great fame and your name will be honoured and highly respected. Bad markings suggest the direct opposite. In the place of the Trigram Kun, it means you will enjoy a good marriage and family life. Stars and tridents in this part of the hand mean you will marry into wealth. For women, having good marking here are especially good indications.

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They Say The Secret To Your Personality Is The Length Of This Finger. Mine's Eerily True!

Get help. There is plenty of good descendants luck and a man will be blessed with a good wife.

The courtyard should be deep but not bony. You will have plenty of servants. The obvious presence of mountains on the palms is a sure indication of a good life — and the more raised the mounts are, the greater will be your prosperity and success luck. When the place of the trigram CHIEN has a pronounced mount, it means that you will head a family whose fortunes will be good for at least five generations. This reading is particularly good for men, since Chien refers to the father paternal. It also means that you will benefit enormously from powerful friends and have Nobleman luck and benefactors, whose patronage will make you rich and powerful.

When the mount in the KAN trigram is pronounced, it indicates your family will be of great help to you; and you can enjoy tremendous good fortune in your work as it will always be well appreciated and recognized. The trigram KEN reveals your relationship with siblings and the quality of your earlier life. When the mount here is very pronounced, it suggests a very good start in life.

Whether or not this early promise can be realized will depend on the other markings on the palm. An upright thumb is most auspicious and beneficial. The index finger governs power.

When it is long and elegant, it indicates power and a long life. When it is short and fat, it suggests money but little influence. When it is damaged, it indicates a serious illness. This finger should be the longest for there to be good fortune. When the finger is longer than other fingers and when it is longer than the length of the palm, the Dragon is said to energized and there is great good luck. When it is short and overshadowed by the palm which signifies the White Tiger then luck tends at best to be mediocre. The ring finger should always be the shortest of the three central fingers.

Otherwise there is a tendency towards vanity and weakness. Friendships are short-lived and marriages are unhappy. In the old days, women with long ring fingers often found it difficult to find husbands, as families would reject such women as bringing bad luck to their husbands. The cosmos demand it. Aries are classic fire signs that revel in satisfying sexual encounters and are regularly on the hunt for pleasure.

Their erogenous zone is found behind their smoldering eyes and in the brain, which is why witty banter and the resulting mental stimulation from sex games are huge turn ons for them. Sex with a Gemini is never dull, as their romps in the bedroom are laughter-filled and full of energy. Prepare to feel truly wanted during sex with a Cancer.

Cancers are especially orally fixated, so using your mouth on their highly erogenous breast and chest areas is a sure way to please them, while receiving oral sex from a Cancer is always a treat. The sign that claims to have the most partners and some of the most frequent sex, Leo may be the leader of the fire sign pack when it comes to vitality. No matter how many partners, they love receiving attention and have been known to incorporate mirror play into their lovemaking since they enjoy their own showmanship so much.

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Ruled by Venus, this sign is brimming with sensuality and enjoys the anticipation during the lead up to sex just as much as the act itself. Cited as one of the signs to most enjoy their sex life, Libras are all about equality and love positions that make both participants feel good, like When the focus is on them, a Libra might take a slightly more adventurous route.

This is unsurprising, since their erogenous zone span from nose to genitals and include their sweat glands and excretory systems, as well as the colon, anus and bladder; no stone is left unturned when it comes to this water sign. Scorpios are ruled by both Mars and Pluto, which gives them their natural insatiable desire, as well as a penchant for transformation. This may be why they are the sign that most commonly enjoys kinky sex habits that veer toward BDSM and power dynamics.

What your feet say about you

They are passionate lovers who come branded with the dual-edged warning and promise of intensity. These natural-born independents have a spontaneous streak that makes them difficult to pin down into anything resembling a sexual routine, so be prepared for quickies in unexpected places or impromptu sex at any given hour. Their zeal corresponds well to their pleasure zones, the hips, thighs, motor nerves and muscular system, all perfect ingredients for high energy sex and signaling that involves lots of thigh and hip grabbing. They are experimental lovers known for a rich and regular sex life that leads to orgasms aplenty due to their goal-oriented mindset and stamina.

To really get a Capricorn going, pay attention to the skin on the back of their knees.

leg fingers horoscope Leg fingers horoscope
leg fingers horoscope Leg fingers horoscope
leg fingers horoscope Leg fingers horoscope
leg fingers horoscope Leg fingers horoscope
leg fingers horoscope Leg fingers horoscope
leg fingers horoscope Leg fingers horoscope
leg fingers horoscope Leg fingers horoscope
leg fingers horoscope Leg fingers horoscope

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