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Barr shining us on Accompanied by malnourished friend. Since then, the Gemini variants have gone out of favor and the majority has shifted to Sagittarius Rising. Agreed, transiting Pluto is an important factor, especially when one uses the Scorpio Ascendant. Progressed Mars in the 12th activated shows sabotage, dangerous hidden enemy action. The progressed Ascendant showed that the symbols of the national identity — the Pentagon and the World Trade Center — were the targets.

At the time, transiting Pluto was conjunct the progressed Part of Fortune and the natal North Node, with all three squaring the Scorpio Ascendant. There was no Saturn-Pluto aspect in effect at the time, or any outer planet configuration activating the Sibley Ascendant. The nation fought itself when the ruling planet opposed its own Ascendant. Consider using progressions for more accuracy in forecasting. The article says it could takes months or even years of legal battles. Every president since Nixon has released their returns, or a summary.

I believe some candidates also have Romney? While all planetary symbols have multiple meanings, Chiron always seems to have a wounding of some kind that leads to a healing of some kind. Me thinks this might mean the People will be wounded by some event around the 10th or 11th when trans. Transiting Ceres will have stationed retrograde conjunct the Great Attractor on the 8th this coming Monday , suggesting a possible natural event caused by a powerful magnetic force could take place.

What first springs to mind is something like the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster in April Transiting Uranus, for many years now, has been in lockstep with transiting Chiron — always about 30 degrees between them — and I see them working as a team. What are the odds of that happening? Or not. Jupiter symbolizes foreign countries and people, among other things. It is Jupiter foreign people and countries that must make the shift required by the Yod. Because transiting Jupiter is stationing retro it will be in this Yod apex from March 21 through May 6th, and again from Oct 31 through Nov 14, so in case you need to cross the border and want to get back safely, a good time would be between May 6 and Oct Also, re: the trans Sun conjunct US Chiron in a few days from now, at the same time trans.

Vesta will be conjunct trans. Something to remember as you look at candidate charts on election night — Bush 2 was re-elected on a Saturn return. Transit Saturn stationed on his precession corrected natal Saturn. Kerry Calls Bush to Concede a. Bush crosses the Electoral Vote Threshold. A fascinating analysis on the upcoming April 14th Grand Trine. This appears to coincide with the expected release of the Mueller Report….. At the end of the article, a Russian minister calls it junk science. Who knows how accurate it is?

However, the U. I was referring to the accuracy of the psychic perceptions and telepathy, although I do believe mankind will advance in this area. Having had many psychic readings, I know that it is not that easy to hone in on things accurately and individual decision-making and changes of mind also have a lot to do with it. As one may recall, the Jan. Could this April 19th date be the defining moment when President Trump is forced to resign? Will there be overwhelming damning evidence leaked that will leave no choice but for Trump to resign? April 19th anyone? Moon opposite Uranus is going to cause a stir in the collective.

The electric and volatile energy of Uranus seems to become even more unstable than usual in opposition. The polarity creates wild mood swings and has the feel of a loose cannon. The revolutionary energy of Uranus though, means that after the lightning bolt has struck, things are never the same again. With this aspect there is the feeling that something is just about to flip out, so we will feel like we must be ready to jump ship very quickly. April 19 Libra? The moon at 29 degrees Libra is asking for objective understanding around relationship dynamics or patterns that you are meant to see in yourself.

Venus in Pisces is the ruler of this Full Moon and she is asking you to be kind to your heart and loving around the lessons that are ending. A strong completion energy is within this lunar cycle. Let go consciously or get dragged. Both the Moon and Sun interact directly with Uranus in Taurus, igniting breakthroughs, cosmic changes, and a disruption to the status quo. Plus, the lunar cycle returns to its natural rhythm after this Full Moon, signaling another pivotal change in how we build, manifest, and live in sync with flows of energies.

Just a quick reminder. She certainly will be in a good position to take over the presidency if Trump resigns. The eclipse is on her Jupiter but it is also opposite her progressed Saturn and Neptune with eclipse Saturn and Pluto on her progressed IC. On another note; Raquel Spring gave me the way-bad barfs; totally bugged me. She could have said everything she needed to in 15 minutes, tops. I fear that we are about to enter a period of assassinations as we had in the s. I hope and pray it does not happen, but….

For now anyway. Did you know that the Jan. Also on Jan. This is my 1st attempt to handicap this horse race, and possibly my last. I read all that was available at the site re: Brexit. Interestingly, most of the UK astrologers by a pretty large margin correctly predicted their citizens would vote to leave the EU. Most of the analyses by various astrologers at the site were from and I therefore continue to look for recent astro-analysis. Joseph Greenberg, a Manhattan endocrinologist. Kirstjen out — another Trump ass kisser falls from grace.

Eliseo, Marjorie has a couple of recent articles mentioning brexit, but sadly not much of an obvious conclusion. Silcominc, I too have been worried for AOC since the very start as if she were my own beautiful Daughter. Wish she would keep a smaller profile for a while. The Religious Right can be very cruel and vindictive. About Raquel Spring….. I do understand your reaction. Her style appears to be a bit long winded; she tends to embellish, but with that being said, I find her astrological insights quite refreshing and unique.

Ivana tarot virgo 12222

She touches on the Pluto and Saturn stations the end of this month in one of her subsequent videos; a critical important factor to consider in the over all scheme of things. Well worth skimming through if you have the time…….. I did have to chuckle, though, when you said you think of her as a daughter. I told my own two daughters last summer that I was adopting AOC and that they now had a sister. Spring has sprung. After video has opened go full screen then pause it to take in the chart. Birth time is shown to be on the hour. We are officially in a Dictatorship. I was just coming here to post that, Angellight.

Nancy, other astrologers, are we about to plunge into the darkness of dictatorship? Thank you for your contribution and your observing eye! At the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12, , there are 5 planets within 3 degrees of one another:. The South Node symbolizes something that is no longer working for betterment.

This Mars-Saturn cycle is what is giving Trump grief since it began on April 2, If and when he gets in the race he can make Trump squirm. Error alert. Tomorrow night is Kirsten Gilbrand, who I have no interest in, especially after her helping to force Al Franken out. At first I thought this big slate of Democratic candidates might be chaotic or non-productive, or weaken the pool, BUT, on the other hand, we will never be at a loss for interesting spokespeople who will be getting progressive and Democratic ideas lots of coverage!

Although I completely understand your dire concerns, I seriously doubt that we will be plunged into dictatorship even if it feels like it through the machinations of the madman on Pennsylvania Ave. Trump has natal planets — Saturn and Venus — that conjunct the US natal Mercury, symbol of thinking, communicating and planning. You can deduce from this that US thinking and communicating and planning has been taken over by Trump. But why now and why Trump you might wonder.

Timing of transits are crucial as you know and right now transiting Pluto and Saturn are trine US natal Neptune, meaning the transiting planets are in sync with US Neptune escape from reality in Virgo facts and practicality. With trans. Saturn structure and reality in sync with US Neptune illusion the structure we see now does not look like reality. We must wait for the transformation the USA and its people and institutions and power are going through to be completed. It is very scary to see things that have been standing and functioning all our lives come toppling down.

Their conjunction 9 months from now would appear to be the start of the US rebirth. All 5 planets in the stellium in Capricorn: Pluto rebirth , Saturn structure , Ceres climate and nurturing , Sun consciousness , Mercury schools and thinking will trine inspire and facilitate US Neptune dreams of the future. Of particular interest is the April 19th Full Moon. Could be explosive. He was a trenchant conservative even in college, railing against multi-culturalism and Spanish-language announcements and was friendly with white supremacist Richard Spencer; later worked for Tea Party founder Michele Bachmann and then Jeff Sessions, when between them they managed to kill a bi-partisan bill allowing for immigrant registration in In the past he has urged violent responses to Islamic terrorism and has spoken out against equal pay for women.

What is most notable now that an accurate birth time is to hand, is his Pluto in Scorpio conjunct his midheaven. A control-freak and then some. His Pluto is further emphasised being on the focal point of a mini Grand Trine of his 8th house Sun trine a 12th house Neptune. His Mars is in a hard-edged square to Saturn in obsessive Scorpio in the 10th. Thank you for that insight! As much as I loathe Trump, I wonder if he, with his strong Uranus, is a change agent for this transformation that the US is undergoing?

We need to be active participants in its health, whether through activism, running for office, lending our expertise, etc. That was my Waterloo moment. You are absolutely right, we all need to be active participants to save the planet from annihilation. And yes, I totally agree that Trump, detestable though he is, is a change agent; a wake-up call just in the nick of time. Something is massively, massively wrong — with them, with us, with our government and its institutions. The Russians would not have succeeded in influencing so many people without all the malcontent within our borders.

Transiting Saturn supports his ambition by trining his Midheaven. Mostly a really good guy, but his time has passed. His generation, and maybe mine, have screwed thongs up too badly. Time for younger people to get their chance. Gemini square progressed Saturn April 29 Both chambers of Congress back in session. But what about the other US voters? Are there enough of them to go out and vote for a younger choice for president rather than just stay home on election day? Are there enough younger voters to overwhelmingly get out and vote for a younger Dem.

Older US citizens have been the most reliable to vote in the past. Is that no longer true? And if so, can we count on that? Personally I feel the stakes are too high to not nominate the individual who would motivate the most Dem voters at the top of the Dem ticket — even if it was Joe — and put a younger, more progressive individual as the vice president choice.

Taking into consideration the general bias of the traditional voters in the 35 to 65 age group, I would think a white, male, straight, person would cause the least hesitation for registered voters. He has a Sun 7 degrees away from the US natal Moon, both in Aquarius, and the Sun has a wider orb of influence than other planets. Either way, his natal Mercury is conjunct the December transiting Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, the start of a very important 20 year cycle that begins less than 2 months after the election.

So, for these astrological reasons I see Gov.

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Inslee as the most logical person for the Democrats to nominate for president in This could change. The Aquarius symbolizes the future and the new, and the major Aquarian transits are coming soon. It really hit me after your post about Trump, Barb, how connected he is to the U. Also, climate change and the environment will become a bigger and bigger and Inslee is all in on taking action. I like Warren but she might be a little far left. I think we have to stabilize the nation and try to bring in Progressive ideas in steps?

They will rise in government though. Same with Abrams who is extremely bright. Warren, Sanders, Booker already are senators and should be around for a while and do a lot of good. Just mho. I forgot Andrew Yang. He is a very interesting candidate — a businessman with good, progressive ideas including universal income. This will be on his progressed stationing Jupiter. November 25th transit Jupiter conjunct natal Jupiter in longitude and RA. What do you make of his Jupiter Return?

At the 3rd and last time trans. Sharon, thanks for noting the Inslee CNN town hall tonight. All those choices for VP are outstanding but we must let it play out and see which ones rise to the top in popularity during the next year. If Inslee is our man we can compare them height wise when they debate. Trump to me represents the darkness in America that we have to recognize and transform to make America a more just and fairer country.

Just as we as individuals for us to grow must overcome our lower passions and desires to become more Christlike or evolve into our soul natures. This too must happen in every country and for the world. Congress is going on a two-week recess after Friday. I have none of your astrological readings to back up anything of mine, just a feeling I have that neither Bernie or Biden will be the nominee. Of course, I swore Trump would never be elected, either, so what do I know? Was thinking today about how much of our choices for president are based on nothing more substantial than the feeling we get from a candidate.

Beto looks young and enthusiastic, but idealistic and … not substantial? Mayor Pete is adorable and non-threatening-looking in that 50s-era sitcom, oldest, most responsible son kind of way, but again, looks boyish and non-substantial. Short and skinny Will say, he certainly sounds like a leader, and he seems uniquely well-equipped to talk back to the right while sounding tough and sincere, but not mean. Yeah, I really like him.

Kamala Harris.. I thought she kind of looked Hispanic. Amy Klobuchar — love hearing her question witnesses in Congress. He has that substantial bulk of a leader. Some weight, wide shoulders, tall. Such ridiculous things by which to judge. He comes across as smart and serious to me, and I think I see toughness in him.

Stacy Abrams — wow, I like her. She gives a great speech. She connects with people. Seems like a happy person, but has toughness. I love that she acknowledged that XX would be sworn in as governor, but not that he got the most votes and then went on to form an organization to ensure all votes got counted and no one could do to anyone else what they did to her in Ga. What a sexist thing to say, I know. I see her as substantial in the candidate sort of way, but probably because of her dress size. Going right at the issue fearlessly. Good on social media doing the same. Look at her and think she seems kind of tired and slumped and run-down.

Again, so superficial. Obviously very smart. I think she could do great things to reform our financial system and would love to see her in a position to do that. First, they have to get us to notice them, and to do that, we want something about them that stands out and makes us want to know more. That they can answer back in a strong way to opponents without falling back into politi-speak. I admire your honest view of the candidates Teresa and agree we all, more or less, form these views as part of our overall assessment of politicians, and do the same for all individuals that seek recognition such as film stars and TV pundits.

It is dangerous though, this popularity contest where everyone is judged based solely on their appearance and the perception of their personality. We must be conscious of the values they espouse and let that guide our decision when we vote. This then forces them to manufacture a facade that conforms to the image we Americans dream a Neptune thing the perfect leader would look and sound like. It comes down to a popularity contest. Your ideas may be mediocre or even bad but if you look good and seem likable you could become President of this country. There has to be some substance however to last through the election process.

TV pundits can be merciless in winnowing out wannabes during interviews, and then there are town hall exposures and the like. A lot depends on how We The People examine the candidates going forward. Teresa, Your intuitions seem pretty good to me. I, too, love Stacey Abrams. I feel the same way they do. Saturn and Pluto at Cap that conjuncts the trans. South Node which symbolizes what needs to be released because it no longer serves, such as easy access to guns. Something to think about. My friend posted just now on FB that New Zealand voted to ban assault weapons 26 days after the mosque massacre!

I wrote that responsible gun owners want everyone to be safe. Fine tuning the astrological data a bit, if we are to believe the expected redacted Mueller report Attorney General Barr to be released in the next few days will be sparse on damaging detail; the question arises; if there is incriminating info on Trump that could force him from office, where would that come from? There is an expectation among political circles that Representative Adam Schiff, ranking Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee will file sealed indictments at the Southern District of New York.

How soon might that be? Uranus could be a game changer. That Sun and Mars are also at the base of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with asteroid Truth at 0 Sagittarius on its Apex; this suggests a fated Yod life path Sun of energetic advocacy Mars , with facts, veracity and authenticity all Truth as the goal Apex. All eyes are on Capitol Hill. Their investigative powers do not compare with those of federal prosecutors and FBI agents, who compel grand-jury testimony, execute search warrants, arrest suspects, and file indictments to squeeze cooperation from potential witnesses.

That is one reason why the most consequential Trump action may be happening in the place getting the least attention from the national media: the U. To me, right now it does seem doom and gloom. Barr is definitely a political hack and i believe has shocked many people with what seems to be a total selling out of his soul to Trump, yes , his daughter and son in law have huge jobs in this administration, but is that really why he seems so willing to sell out, or is it something more?

Can you imagine how Fox News is going to run with this? Spying is what they are going to look into, really??? News goes so fast , it all seems crazy and yet somehow surreal, at least to me, sensitive Piscean that I am. Purging of so many institutions, Stephen Miller being in charge of immigration, a secret counsel to investigate whether climate change is real?!?!?!

What next, right now it seems that Trump is winning, big time! If, somehow Trump does get back in, I shudder to think what will happen. But now transiting Saturn is heading to conjuncts Pluto… and on my Mars. The conjunction began in late Libra and then moved into Scorpio. Diana, I think that U.

I do share your worry to an extent that Trump not getting re-elected is not a sure thing. I am not sure what the populace can do but the tide is turning. The audience was all young and they are VERY concerned about climate change and other toxic things Trump has done. Frank, that is some interesting information.

It is always reassuring to hear other people getting through it in a positive way. Israel, like the U. However, Netanyahu seems to have won by a hair and, with many in the Israeli parliament opposing him, can he really get things done? Israel is a democracy and has a court system which can impede his actions, just as Trump has been impeded quite a lot. The military does not uniformly support him nor does it support Trump, which is a good thing. I do worry about the far-right court appointments and am not sure what we can do about that except hope that some of them will surprise us like Justice Roberts does at times.

The Democrats, if we are still a 2-party system, will clean things up as usual, unless both parties are working together by that time. I hear that Buttigieg sp is having a good influence in representing the gay community among Christians and look forward to that growing. I hope I am not being naive.

Thank goddess your comment followed the two I read before yours Sharon, as they were pretty negative, and no wonder. You would probably think what was happening was going to kill you and all was hopeless. So, to all of us: we can be a kid about this terrible time or we can grin and bear it, and have a little faith in astrology. Tomorrow is just a day away; metaphorically speaking of course.

Courage Diana, Frank and all of us. Angellight, thanks! Frank, my Sun is at 20 Capricorn and it is connected to all major planets in my chart. I have been waiting for this time for many years. Last year, Pluto was at 20 Cap for weeks. That was powerful and disturbing. It will station there again in October. But now Saturn is following and giving structure and form to this overpowering experience.

I am looking forward to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction as I now believe it will clearly be a solid empowerment. The sextile to Neptune on my Grand Water Trine makes it even better. Oh my, I too have my mars being affected right now at Things have certainly been challenging lately. Seems fitting.

Horoscope for Elle Japan – Silja Goetz Illustration

It has indeed been been a challenging time for the nation. To all who are getting the brunt of this Saturn-Pluto conjunction to your natal charts right now, this too shall pass. I got the worst of Pluto when it made a T-square to my Sun-Jupiter square in — Then Saturn repeated the process in and That would appear to be a kind cleansing or cathartic process. You know, like tears. Pluto stations retrograde and a few days before trans.

Saturn stations retro. No promises though!! It should be quite a Boom, what with the Sun and Moon in critical degrees and Uranus to boot.

Virgo Horoscope

There could be marching in the streets! The financial crash and the bailout of its perpetrators while perhaps millions of citizens lost their jobs, their homes, their life savings, their pensions. The Stoneman Douglas HS murders and subsequent involvement of people not yet old enough to vote into politics. I think it will foster a generation that will change gun ownership policy in this country. Major change in individual and corporate tax laws ending offshore hiding of income and handouts subsidies to them.

If you earn a dollar in this country you pay a tax on it no matter where your home is in the world. Voter decisions in many areas now decided by Congress their pay and whether or not they get a raise — if the economy tanks under their tutelage — no raise. No lifetime pension for just having served a short period in Congress; requirements to be decided by the electorate. Recall election possibility for all elected positions.

I think he gets tRump but there is a deal finalized in November that allows the traitor to escape imprisonment. No wiggle room at all. Astrology grants us perspective over what is brewing in our individual lives and when we can expect resolution. Thought creates energy. Thank you for the lesson above. In his solar return will have Saturn and Pluto on the Sun. Hi Bob, you have to respect that kind of headache or it will destroy you! Thanks for the heads up on April 29th.

It would be better to concentrate on taking back the Senate. Democrats are not up to winning the White House at this point.

Someone Will Prove Their Love For You - Sagittarius July Astrology and Tarot Reading

They are playing games while the GOP is waging war. I sincerely hope Trump will be evicted in January as Bob has consistently said. His Solar Return chart for is certainly horrendous and would be career-ending for anyone else.


It is clear the worst is yet to come for him beginning in June or so. But he might take down the country with him. The chart over the election and for the next Inauguration are very bad. Mars will be retrograde in Aries square Pluto through the end of the campaign, which could bring civil unrest. It is clear the next President will be Trump, someone just as bad or worse, or at best a well-meaning but helpless person surrounded by reactionary enemies.

The combination of the Uranus-Pluto square, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, the US Pluto return and the Neptune opposition are way too much to hope for a positive outcome in This is one of the most challenging times in US history. I hope it will be Mayor Pete, a man for our times. Biden and Sanders will never be President. Andre, I agree with you — we need to take back the Senate and hopefully, impeach the bastard.

My worry is that this will be a redo where we nominate someone who is too liberal for the nation though I hope I am wrong. If that were to happen and we can impeach the bastard, then Pence? Having said that, Mayor Pete is announcing tomorrow Sunday which I think someone said that the 14th or 15th is very important astrologically but not sure why.

Shift is happening. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction alone gives us pause, what with Ceres — best known for symbolizing Mother Nature — in the mix of 5 planets Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn established order in a T-square with US Chiron wounding in Aries opposite US Juno achieving equality in Libra, suggesting to me a devastating natural disaster which affects communication majorly. Uranus will be in a grand trine a powerful, difficult- to-stop energy flow with trans.

Pholus small cause, big effect and trans. Transpluto becoming whole; a process of integration. In Taurus, Uranus is teaching us about values, usually through shock and awe methods. Challenging times indeed, but challenge is what makes us grow, and forces are creating a path for the courageous. Sarah Kendzior said and I agree.. She agrees with you Andre.

Ivana tarot readings cancer

She writes that we should not think Pelosi and others are playing 3D chess when they could in fact be inept or complicit. That is not something I even like to consider and I do hope she is wrong about that. I like her. She was right in and she is right in I thought she was overreacting in but everything she has said has proven to be true so far. She does have very broad knowledge of authoritarian governments. Aberrant behavior occurred just about everywhere around me.

My sense is that this trend is going to ratchet up for some time. The biggest challenge for us to remain centered and mindful. This is the only we can hope to be a grounding and soothing presence. We have survived , the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq and the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of its innocent citizens, two terms of GWB, Dick Cheney which led to the collapse of our banking system, the long and painful devastation of The Great Recession, the virtual lynching of our first African-American President, the untimely deaths of many of our most beloved musicians and entertainers, The Opioid Epidemic, the vast destructive effects of man-made climate change, the election of a trash-talking lying con-man who moves his bowels through his face all day every day, Russian operatives hacking and perverting our last Presidential election, the corruption of our U.

There is a purpose behind all of these approaching points of critical mass. Change is going to happen no matter how much we might resist. We must choose to with the flow of these tsunami-like upheavals on our planet and embrace the changes that are inexorably building momentum.

We might consider adopting the words of the beloved Alfred E Newman,. With the April 19th Full Moon 29 Libra in opposition to tr. Once tr. In a relationship, we may experience being too far apart from the other person. With work ethics, committees, or mentoring setups, we might observe a lack of sufficient common ground. Sun conjunct Uranus brings excitement, unexpected change and freedom. You should feel a strong urge to break free from routine, doing something totally different from your normal activities.

But with Moon opposite Uranus, unexpected changes and upsetting disruptions could bring restlessness and nervous tension. The outsider theme of Uranus conjunct the Sun is even more highlighted because the conjunction is dissociate, or out of sign: Uranus, transiting a different zodiac sign from the Sun in Aries, is in the neighbouring sign of Taurus.

Well will. Yes, yes, yes, we all of us can and will get through this, and future generations will henceforth marvel at our enduring love of this country and the planet it resides upon. Apart from that, last month when trans. Uranus entered Taurus for the 2nd time, trans.

At the same time trans. I think, or sense that trans. Pluto is flushing out like dogs do for hunters the crazies and the disturbed among us; all the better to identify who and how many there are of them needs help getting through this crisis period. You, Mr. God bless you and carry on soldier. Ed Tamplin is a must-read today. You seem to be saying that Saturn on my Sun makes me over-pessimistic. Pluto is also on my Sun. Both planets will station on my Sun this year. I believe Pluto provides penetrating insights and Saturn provides realism.

They are both in sextile to Neptune. My natal Chiron at 28 Capricorn is conjunct Mercury at 0 Aquarius. I have always been somewhat intuitive, but this is prime time. Although current transits by no means make me infallible, they do provide the ability and strength to say hard truths. This will bring pain. It will affect most readers on this site. And because US current events are so important for the wider world, I will continue to call them as I see them. So I reiterate. Democrats are not now up to it.

Too many of them think Beto is great because he reminds them of Bobby Kennedy. This is typically naive, over-simplistic and completely unsuitable for the hard-nosed needs of our time.

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