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Sun in the 1st house:

Anger and frustration build up inside you. What makes some people seem so much smoother than others? Why are some people so much more open and obvious than other? It's all about where their signs fall in the zodiac! The raw signs don't filter their thoughts and actions through the sieve of the public opinion, the raw signs feel, behave and think in a pure manner The polished signs are keenly aware of how other people see them and choose their words and behavior according to the impression they want to make The things we don't like to talk about and admit about ourselves, but never seem to be able to completely eliminate from our lives are our secret weaknesses Cancer's Weakness - Being Vengeful.

Sagittarius' Weakness - Being a Prima Donna. Libra's Weakness - Dishonesty. Capricorn's Weakness - Fearfulness. Scorpio's Weakness - Being Petty. Pisces' Weakness - Being Delusional. A relationship based on the quincunx aspect between the sun signs of you and your mate promises the best sexual chemistry.

Hot sexual chemistry isn't about playing it safe. It's about following the nervous energy that comes from being with someone who feels mysteriously different and enjoying it. It's about looking into someone's eyes and seeing a depth that baffles you and draws you in because you don't understand it.

It's true. It is easier to be in an astrologically compatible relationship than one based on astrological differences, but you are giving up the chance to add another person's strengths to your life The way each sign experiences emotion makes them neither better nor worse than any other, but this dynamic certainly sets each sign apart Read each "Sun-Sign Aura Description" to deepen your insight into the energy of each sun-sign. The energy you project is your sun sign shinning in its naturally profound manner. The sun-sign energy can be intense, especially in social settings where fun is the goal.

Take a look below at the sun signs and the auras they project. The sun emanates energy like no other force in a chart Starting with Aries and ending with Pisces, the signs are Ranked from Quickest to Slowest in their ability to commit to relationships. Understand how their willingness to commit is intimately connected with their modality Use our chart to find your signs!

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We are all under the constant influence of our sun and moon signs. These planets trump everything else in our chart when it comes to their level of influence in our lives. They are the major contributors to what makes us who we are. How well they get along is a huge factor in how much internal peace or tension you experience in your life The nodes are often equated to our past lives versus our current life, with the South Node representing our past lives and the North Node representing our current life.

As points in astrology rather than planets, houses or signs, the moon's nodes represent issues in our lives. As points opposite each other, they represent a constant tug, and an internal struggle between opposing desires and needs surrounding these issues. The issues they represent depend on the house in which they fall The best indicator of a potentially successful marriage or long-term romantic relationship is compatibility between moon signs. How do you find a relationship that is comfortable and easy - where you and your mate have a natural, mutual understanding of each other?

One where you know how to nurture each other. You know when to give each other space and you understand each other's deepest needs.

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Because your moon sign represents the most inner, fundamental part of you, finding a person whose moon sign is compatible with yours is truly the magical key to a solid, long-lasting relationship The zodiac is actually organized according to element. So, to understand why fire signs are forthright and impatient, for example, it is key to know they are always the starting element in each group of signs and houses, which creates a spark of inspiration in each of the three sets of signs and houses. It's the difference in their astrological energies that causes this difference in their interpretation, feelings, and reaction to the same situation.

Tired of the difficulties in your family? Everything hums along wonderfully when family members have similar astrological compositions. It's only when a family member's signs are significantly different from most of the other family member's signs that things get interesting Some combine more easily than others.

A Synastry Reading Describes An Astrological Relationship

A look at the combinations lends tremendous insight into how these planets and signs show themselves in our personalities Special Interest Articles You may use the test below to determine if you are mostly masculine or feminine in your overall astrological composition. Take the time to complete the test. Many people are surprised to find they are actually more masculine or feminine than they thought. Most often, we identify with only our sun sign to get a sense of whether we are more masculine or feminine. This can be deceiving. Sometimes the sun sign is overwhelmed by the other signs in your chart.

A masculine sun sign, for example, can be overwhelmed by a moon and other planets in feminine signs, or vice versa. To really understand the nature of each house of the zodiac, it is useful to view them as a gradual maturation process. Each house represents a certain age, time period or a particular phase of development. Like the story of an imaginary person growing and maturing through life, the houses move through each phase of development A Deeper Understanding of the 4th House. A Deeper Understanding of the 8th House. A Deeper Understanding of the 9th House.

A Deeper Understanding of the 3rd House. Saturn returns and oppositions can be extremely powerful and turn your life in a completely new direction.

Marriages, divorces, changes of residences, career or school changes, pregnancies and births are typical changes that occur with a major Saturn transit Approximately every 12 years, Jupiter returns to the sign of your natal Jupiter. When this happens, you have a Jupiter return.

The Synastry of Physical Attraction

Jupiter returns force you to grow and expand your world. They are thought to bring luck and good fortune, but the essence of the transit is growth. A Jupiter return transit may have you learning a new skill, meeting new people, going new places, doing a new job, etc. It's an expansion beyond your usual world Each zodiac sun sign has two signs that are the most different from them. These differences can be anywhere from frustrating and annoying to intriguing and attractive.

Believe it or not, you have more in common with your polar opposite sign than you do with these signs. They differ from you in modality , their masculine versus feminine nature and their element. There is also a pattern with the elements, in that, it is always fire and earth that differ most along with air and water. There is a simplicity and elegance to the traditional sign rulerships that may have you tossing aside the idea of incorporating Neptune, Uranus and Pluto into the astrological family of sign rulerships.

Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are rather recent additions to the scheme and so they are referred to as modern rulers rather than traditional or ancient rulers. They are outer planets and a strologers admit to their lack of any personal influence in our natal charts. This, combined with the lack the symmetry they create in astrology may have you doubting whether they belong at all Like if both signs are rules by the same planet this is good. Of course, they symbolize different aspects of the relationship for example Mercury symbolizes the communication in the relationship.

I do not think comparing Jupiter and Saturn is very useful unless both people have a big age difference let us say more than 5 years. This is because Jupiter and Saturn are slow moving. To find explanations look for the elements the planets are in. An example: If the Moon of A is in Leo and the Moon of B is in Cancer we have a problem because fire and water do not go together well.

Planets in Partner’s Houses Synastry Interpretations

The relationship will be somewhat better for B then for A. The Moon of A is in the second house from the Moon of B. Therefore, it is possible that B will drain twelfth house A. You also can analyze planetary pairs. If the Venus of one person is in opposition to the Mars of the other person that will mean strong sexual attraction. This is also the case if the Venus of A conjuncts the Mars of B. A similar rule can be made of the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. If the Sun of one person is in opposition to the Moon of the other person this works well. This is also the case if the Sun of A conjuncts the Moon of B.

Venus in the 1st House Synastry - Venus in Partner's 1st House - SYNASTRY ASTROLOGY

I do think this is a fruitful and not too difficult method. If you use this method, it is recommended to use the South Indian format which I use in this course because in this format the signs in different charts are in the same place. You can see which houses of A are activated by partner B. For example if I have a partner who has a lot of planets that activate my eighth house it is very well possible that I experience her as confrontational.

If she activates my ninth house she may broaden my horizon and I may feel great because of her, especially if my ninth house is being activated by her benefics "Yes, I love to go to India with you". If it is being activated by her malefics it could be that she somehow limits or frustrates the way I would like to broaden my horizon "Oh no, you are again planning a trip to India?

What I would like to suggest now is not so much as to use the Tajika method for analyzing a birthchart but to make a comptability analysis using the Tajika method. The principle is easy. Just look what kind of aspects the planets of A make with the planets of B. Let us say the Sun of A makes a trine to the Jupiter of B. A the Sun person will feel stimulated by B the Jupiter person. He will note the stimulating Jupiterian energy of B.

B the Jupiter person will feel energized or empowered by A the Sun person. If it is a square instead of a trine the stimulation may be a bit too much. If you make an analysis like that, you will encounter many aspects, some of them seem to be contradictory, but this merely reflects the nature of reality that sometimes is complex. For example: It is also possible that in addition to the aspect I mentioned before the Moon of A makes a square to the Saturn of B.

A the Moon person will feel restricted by B the Saturn person. That is not a bad experience. For example: If we analyse the relationship between the Sun and Jupiter between charts we look for the maximum orb of the Sun which is 15 and the maximum orb of Jupiter which is 9. To avoid an overload this maximum orb is divided by two. The outcome will be a maximum orb of 6 degrees. What makes this analysis complicated is that for every planetary combination you have to calculate a maximum orb. This may very well be the reason that in contemporary Western astrology the maximum orbs are the same for certain kind of aspects all squares have the same maximum orb, all sextiles have the same maximum orb and so on.

If you want to keep it simple, I would like to suggest a maximum orb for all aspect of 5 degrees. Of course, calculating the maximum orb for each planetary combination is better.

If you have the courage and time to do that, please feel free to do so. Personally, I only look at conjunctions with Rahu and Ketu and not at aspects.

Compatibility Analysis through Vedic Astrology, Jyotish

However, you may well have another opinion about this. It is also possible to do a more sophisticated analysis in which not only the Nakshatras in which the Moon is are compared, but also the Nakshatras of the ascendant and Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The Kutas analysis consists of 12 factors. Every factor can give some points. After the analysis is made all the points are added up. To have a good relationship a minimum of points is required. If the total points are below that minimum than it is possible that the astrologer will advise against the marriage.

Bad results: Moon in the chart of the man is in the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 th from the Moon in the chart of woman. Good results: Moon in Chart of the man is in the 12 gives longevity , 7 th gives agreement from the Moon in the chart of woman. Good results: Moon in chart of the woman is in the 2 gives longevity , 3 gives happiness , 4 gives wealth , 5 gives happiness , 6 progeny will prosper , 7 th gives agreement from the Moon in the chart of the man. If the man is in a higher category as the woman 1 point which is the maximum is given by this factor.

The total amount of points to be gained is

astrology synastry planets in houses Astrology synastry planets in houses
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