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Leo makes an effort to get along with just about everyone. They tend to be "people" persons and enjoy interacting with different kinds of people. They are most comfortable with astrological types that tend to be open, such as other fire and air signs. The more appreciated Leos feel, the more love they feel.

Like the sun, they need to shine on an adoring public. Leo is the showman, and will generally give an excellent sexual performance as well.

Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget

Some Leo types are exhibitionists due to their love of being noticed. A big turn-off for Leo? Any hint that there have been other lovers in your life. The King of the Jungle does not care for competition! In the dark when no one is watching, Leo is often plagued with self-doubt. That is when they need the support of their lover more than ever, to help prop up their confidence once again so that they can shine brightly, as only Leo can.

The confidence and sunshine exuded by your Leo lover makes it easy to forget how vulnerable he or she really is. Direct communication works best with Leo, but it is important not to undermine the famous Leo pride.

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Leo lives very much in the present and is one of the astrological types that is the least interested in spirituality. If your Leo IS spiritually driven, it will likely be important that the two of you participate together. Everything in the life of a Leo is designed to reflect the inner Self, and that is true of their spiritual world as well. Love your Leo with an open heart. Encourage and support them when they are down and admire them for their special talents, and your Leo will remain devoted to you throughout eternity. They are loyal to a fault, and very capable of a deep commitment as long as they feel valued and cherished.

Accomplish this, and your life with Leo will be filled with more love than you can imagine. The teen years are a challenging period for parents. Libra as a salesperson: Can channel their persuasion, is charming, knows how to calm people, can be vague with terms, but avoids or hands off angry customers.

Scorpio as a salesperson: Puts their perception to work, manipulates, good at getting others to listen, could intimidate, and is confident with body language. Sagittarius as a salesperson: Might over promise, can make anything sparkle, uses humor, is optimistic and energetic, is flexible, and takes risks. Capricorn as a salesperson: No nonsense and cuts to the chase, old-school, aim is to impress, gives advice, could be standoffish sometimes, and is out for commission. Aquarius as a salesperson: Charismatic, friendly, good at acting personable, but has a side that can attempt to pressure someone into a sale.

Pisces as a salesperson: Knows just what to say, gets that every sale is different, intuitive, perceptive, but moody, and feels trustworthy to others. I did one for artists which can be found here. They all play a part and you can integrate them together to work harmoniously but sometimes they might be at odds.

•6th house shows what kind of profession you are most comfortable in and jobs you would most enjoy.

Look at what sign occupies the house and what planets are in each of the houses to see what specific type of jobs would be expressed and look at the aspects between planets to see if they are soft or hard aspected to see if there is tension or a easier flow of energy between them. Aries: Finishes all their work as fast as they can so that they can have a break and relax.

They tend to become unfocused easily and need to constantly be reminded to chill. Taurus: Slow and steady wins the race as Taurus always says. They finish their work on the estimated time and go home when necessary. Gemini: Gemini prefers to talk and work. Their employers love them. Leo: They complete their work quickly and enjoy to show it off. They just enjoy the spotlight. They will compliment others achievements. Virgo: They similar to cancer are quiet and hardworking. Libra: Creates a balanced schedule between talking and socialising, and actually working.

Scorpio: Do their work in silence and then leave in silence. They can become annoying at their constant need for control but in their heads they have the workplaces best interest at heart. Aquarius: As much as they would rather be at home contemplating our existence in this mortal coil we call the universe, they get stuck in and work well, then they go home and do their own pleasures. Pisces: They daydream alot and tend to become unfocused, similar to the Aries.

They do do the work however they need to be slapped back to reality to continue well, whether it be literally or metaphorically. Taurus as a lab tech: Works hard, sometimes easily taken advantage of, but is first to complain about the over time that is inevitable. Gemini as a lab tech: Easily distracted, makes work interesting with gossip or fun.

Cancer as a lab tech: Determined to master all benches. Will cover for others.

Complains when a manager tries to work a bench. Leo as a lab tech: Brags about their speed and accuracy on the hardest benches. Friends with the managers or tries to be them.

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Libra as a lab tech: Somehow finds a way to not work holidays and gets their preferred shift. Good with doctors, hates the stress of the job. Still intense on the job. Sagittarius as a lab tech: The speediest! Makes all the lab puns.

To the point. Secretly feels bad when someone has a bad result. Capricorn as a lab tech: Likely a manager. Knows how to run an efficient lab. Knows who is skipping lunch. Has a highly practical and science-oriented mind. Aquarius as a lab tech: Somehow does the tech support too. Good at their job but wishes they can do procedures differently. Either the aloof lab rat or goofball of the lab or both.

Pisces as a lab tech: Rolls with the punches. Loves it when they can do unusual cultures. Always helping others and covering for others. Aquarians are true, free spirits.

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Take it from Fox: "Your unusual methods can be quite appealing to those who enjoy being near your personal brand of creative genius. Ideal careers: Science or tech if you can explore new theories or applications , graphic design or photography, and even project management—if you get to explore new ways of doing something.

The 10th house rules over reputation and career. This house can tell what type of reputation you might gain and what reputation is important to you. To find your 10th house you must look at your chart. Does best in a career that is challenging, has action, and is even physically challenging. Cares about the physical.

Attracted to careers that provide security such as business or finance. They get a reputation based on their intellect, wit, or opinions. Needs a career that is mentally stimulating and might change careers a lot in life. Is attracted to careers that involve communication, energy, information, and intellect. Does well in careers that take care of others, nurtures, teaches or makes their family or others families their career.

beliefnet horoscope leo Beliefnet horoscope leo
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