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Once you have your PhD you will be able to start looking for a job as a professional astronomer. You may choose to work in a university, observatory or space agency in the UK, or like many scientists you may choose to travel with your job and experience living all over the world.

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You are here: Home Discover Explore by theme How to become an astronomer. How to become an astronomer. There are few people who make it to the very top in astronomy. Scientists are only human after all, and will usually be very happy to chat. If you still think astronomy is the career for you, check out the questions and answers below.

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What will I need to study at school and college? I want to study astronomy at university — what can I do in the meantime? Will I need a degree? Which one should I choose? What if I do change my mind after I finish my degree? So I have a degree and still love astronomy, what now? Experience more. Study problems 3. Forgin problems 4. Videsh yatra Enemy problems specialist 6.

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Money problems 7. Loan problems 8. Health issues. United States, california.

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Person need to be well versed in astrological knowledge and other Psychic ability. Key Skills : astrology,numerology,tarot card reading,spiritual healing,astrologer. Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata.


UrbanClap is a leading internet services marketplace providing astrological services to numerous clients across makor cities in India. With increasing customer base there is urgent requirement for qualified Astrologers. Requirements and Responsibil Key Skills : astrology,astrnomy,vastu,astrologer,corporate astrologer,consultant astrologer.

Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi. Chaturanga Astrology chaturanga-app. Every day Chaturanga helps people to find answers and get confidence about way they are going.

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As we grow we hire more Key Skills : astrology,vedic,writing english,jyotish,astrology expert,vedic astrology,astrology filed. Bhavnagar, Mumbai, Jaipur, Jodhpur. Location Mumbai or Work From Home available. East Delhi, West Delhi, Delhi.

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  • That all turned very nasty, that last one, and I try to forget. You might think that this was a track record to be proud of. My husband, bless him, certainly thought so and would waste no time in telling people proudly about my various clients while I smiled through gritted teeth and quickly changed the subject. I wasn't particularly proud; not ashamed either, exactly, but, well, embarrassed.

    You see, as a professional astrologer. I know better than anyone that sun sign horoscopes are by their very nature generalisations at best and at worst a load of tosh. Telling someone that I was writing them made it sound as though I - and worse, every other member of my profession - truly believed that all Scorpios were going to win the lottery on Thursday, but not before their Leo partners had ditched them for the next door neighbour and run off to start a new life on the Costa del Sol.

    Bracing myself for the "but you don't actually believe all that stuff, do you? Recently I discovered an interesting article in a back issue of The Journalist magazine. It's all about the downturn in opportunities for freelance horoscope columnists, and I discovered that not only was I not alone in feeling faintly embarrassed about writing these things, but that I also wasn't alone in seeing many of my contracts be cut back or just cut all together over the last eighteen months.

    It's easy enough to see why, and it's not just because I personally upset all those editors. Well, not all of them.

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    • The article reports on junior office staff being sent for a quick day's training so that they can write the horoscopes themselves. There are also plenty of free horoscopes on offer out on the web, with no particular guarantee about the expertise of who has written them.

      How to become an astronomer

      And big names syndicate the same thing, over and over and over and over again, for peanuts as far as individual clients are concerned. Or there's always the DIY option - I have actually been told by one former client that the staff will just make them up from now on, without even any attempt to do it properly.

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      After all, can the general public tell the difference?

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