Dictionary of significators in astrology


Helping sciences; Muhurat; Remedial measures; Twin births; Comment : After the usual introductory material, the book is divided into chapters on various topics. In some chapters eg, the one on health , these can be extensive. Self-published, pages. History of astronomy; 2. Astronomy; 3. Time; 4. The horoscope; 5. The ascendant; 6.

Casting horoscopes; 7. Hindu dasa systems; 8. Planets; 9. Signs; Houses; Transits; How to predict? Uranus, Neptune, Pluto; History of Hindu astrology. Part 2: Traditional Astrology: Sage Parasar on planets for all ascendants; Strength of a planet; Divisional charts; Myths in astrology; Hindu tradition. Annexure: 1. Table of standard times; 2. Balance of Vimshottari dasa Moon ; 3. Proportional parts for dasa of planets; 4. Yogini dasa by longitude of the Moon; 8. Balance of Yogini dasa; 9.

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Proportional parts of Yogini dasa balance; Nakshatras: lords, sublords, sub-sublords, their longitudes in signs; Comment : This book in two parts. Part 2 is interpretation. Comment : A book of astrological rulerships, similar to that of Rex Bills. This book is limited to a single, alphabetical, master list. It dispenses with glyphs as well as capital letters.

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A typical entry: mentality, deeper - jupiter, 9, sagittarius pg. Astrology basics 2.

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Houses of the horoscope 3. Characteristics of the zodiac signs 4. Planets 5. Lagna the first house 6. Havoc of Mars 7. On the face of it, this is an introductory book with few suprises, but, on the other hand, page layout hinders appreciation of the book. Future Publications, pages. Prakash Trivedi Mridula Trivedi. Saturn: Multidimensional analysis; 2. Saturn's placement in the 12 houses; 3. Saturn: A research; 7.

Sun-Saturn relationship; 8. Saturn Jupiter nexus: An exposition; 9. Contents, vol. Comment : The conclusion in the second book sums it up: The "Practical Section" of the present volume is in fact the very essence of "Wooing Saturn". This includes such rare methods as "Shani Patala Kriya". As may be expected, while this book is in English, there are extensive sections in Hindi or Sanskrit regret I cannot tell which , for which no translation is offered.

The Moon neo classical observation; 3.

Muhurta electing time for marriage; 5. Match - making; 6.

Translation of Light - The Astrology Dictionary

Mangali dosh, a marital maroon; 7. Mars in sensitive houses, a judgement; 8. Mangali dosh, when effective; 9. Hyms to ease marital discords; Badhaka grahas; Tsunami - was this holocaust predicted? Length of life; Planetary focus on foreign journeys; Pointers to profession; Perspectives on profession of partner; A prognosis of progeny; Sun - Saturn relationship; Promote astrology; Understanding spiritual remedies; Fast, a common misnomer for Vrat; Remedies through gemstones; Points to ponder before selecting a marriage partner; Role of transits in timing events; Timing events correctly; Jupiter in 5th house, a maladroit for progeny; Combination of peculiar marriages.

Comment : Thirty-one essays on astrology. Nishkaam Peeth Prakashan, pages. Astro-dimensions of Mars: Mars in zodiac, general results, etc. Astro-dimensions of Kuja Dosha: Defined, adversities, Mars in houses 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 12, annulment, Jupiter's role 3. Conjunction of Mars with other planets 4. In chart matching, it needs special attention. It is a general practice to reckon Mars dosha from the position of Moon or Venus as well, in addition to the ascendant. Would it not give 18 such positions in a single horoscope liable to be labelled as Mars dosha.

Such misgivings are tried to be set right. It is an important belief that if a Mangali girl is wedded to a Mangali groom, then the adverse effects of Kuja dosha are cancelled.

Dictionary and Glossary of Astrological Terms starting with letter 'J'

Planets, who are simultaneously responsible for causing ill-effects like Mars dosha , are also discussed in this chapter. In fact for matching of birth charts in respect of Kuja dosha proper weighment of dosha is essential. How can the Kuja dosha be measured numerically has been explained in this chapter.

Essentials of astrology 3. Early widowhood: An astrological exploration 4. Timing widowhood 5. Akhanda Saubhagya yoga for females 7. Determinants of death of wife 9. This is the traditional way in which married life in India is to end. When the man passes away before his wife, there are problems. You thought they leaped stone cold sober?

Dictionary of Significators in Astrology

This monsterous practice has now been largely eradicated. On the other hand, while the presence of reception is generally regarded as beneficial, not all authorities agree that it is a requirement for a translation of light to occur between significators in a horary chart. Translation of Light Translation of light also known as transfer of light is a specific type of configuration that occurs when a fast moving planet separates from an exact aspect with one planet and then applies to an exact aspect with another planet.

Usage in Horary Astrology Translation of light is primarily used in horary astrology in order to provide a means through which the relevant significators can perfect their aspect with each other, thus providing an affirmative answer to the question that was asked.

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Option of True Chitrapaksha Ayanamsha available. This Ayanamsha is based purely on Astronomical factors, was used by most ancient astrologers, and is highly accurate. Dutta and still create your own innumerable rules with mouse clicks.

dictionary of significators in astrology Dictionary of significators in astrology
dictionary of significators in astrology Dictionary of significators in astrology
dictionary of significators in astrology Dictionary of significators in astrology
dictionary of significators in astrology Dictionary of significators in astrology
dictionary of significators in astrology Dictionary of significators in astrology

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